Payments may be made 24hrs a day by calling 931-379-3233

or by clicking the MYUSAGE link on this page, or located in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Participants may elect to receive daily notifications of their account balance information. You will be notified by phone, text, or e-mail when your balance reaches less than $20 and prior to disconnect. Customers using the prepay program can also download the MyUsage app to check your daily usage and account balance.

MyUsage allows you to view detailed usage history and see your estimated power cost per day.

Any account with a negative balance is subject to disconnection. If disconnect occurs, any past due balance plus $40 ($15 for reconnect and $25 of pre-purchased power) will be required before service can be reconnected.

Should you decide prepay billing doesn’t work for you,

it’s simple and easy to return to a traditional account at any time. Additional deposits may apply.

MPPS offers a great pay-in-advance program to all residential and small commercial customers.

It allows you to monitor your usage and control your budget

by choosing the amount you wish to pay before using electricity.

Customers can easily set-up a prepay account by simply obtaining $50 of pre-purchased power plus an additional one-time cost of $50 ($25 for deposit & $25 set-up fee). Once a positive account balance has been established service will be activated. As energy is consumed, your balance is reduced until it is exhausted or additional funds are added to the account.