Customers can apply in the office located at

123 North Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, TN

Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to begin services.

Customers that cannot make it to the office during normal business hours

can call and our Customer Service department will assist you by e-mail or phone.

Application for service requires photo id of company rep, social security number

or tax ID number, service address, and telephone number.

A security deposit is required per meter and is calculated at two times the average

monthly bill for the type of business. The deposit is applied against your final bill

when service is disconnected.

For industrial and commercial customers that require a large deposit,

an indemnity bond is sufficient in lieu of a deposit.

For single phase commercial customers an option for avoiding paying a

high deposit  is our budget–friendly pre-pay program which

allows our customers to pay for their service as needed.


A one-time connection fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account.

Call (931) 379-3233 if you have any questions.