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How does the Levelizied Bill Program work?

Customers on levelized billing do not have very high or low bills. The amount is continuously levelized.

Levelized billing is based on the current month and previous month average along with an overage or shortage adjustment. It is a moving average which means, each month the amount does change because it is based on the previous 12 month average not a 12 month average one specific month of the year.

The only true-up is when a customer request to be removed from levelized or service is terminated. At which time your next regular bill or final bill will be a settlement bill and will include all unpaid and current charges.

How do I qualify for this program?

          Be a MPPS customer who has received service at the same location for the last twelve (12) months.

          Have a current account.

How do I apply for the Levelized Bill Program?

To apply for the Levelized Bill Program please come by the office located at

123 North Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, TN during office hours.

Call (931) 379-3233 if you have any questions.