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Water Heating

Find out how Energy Star can help members make good energy choices on products, appliances and practices in your home.

Heating & Air Conditioning


Heating and cooling is by far the largest energy expense in your home.  So when you're faced with choosing a heat-and-air unit, consider the effect it will have on your budget for years to come.

Fortunately, through our TVA partnership, Mount Pleasant Power System is here to help. We can help you finance a new Energy Star rated heat pump at 6%. The loan can have up to a 10-year term with no penalty for early payoff.

To qualify for the Energy Right Solutions Heat Pump Program, applicants must be the owner of the home and property where the heat pump is to be located and pass an independent credit review.

To begin the process, contact our customer service department TODAY!!!


For a nonfinanced heating and air installation, an approved TVA Quality Contractor Network (QCN) heating and air contractor is required for installations to receive an incentive.  Incentives for non-financed units can only be received through qualified improvements made through the In Home Energy Evaluation Program.

Mount Pleasant Power System’s water heating replacement program offers $50 incentive for replacement of electric water heaters (limit of one per dwelling every five years).

How to Qualify

To receive your incentive, simply turn in your original receipt to the MPPS office. Give us a call @ 931 379 3233 for assistance.

Receipts must be processed within 6 months of the date of purchase.

eScore is a residential energy efficiency program that provides homeowners

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